Professional Dog Grooming

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Grooming Senior Dogs

A visit to the dog groomer can be a stressful event for a senior dog.  It’s common for most geriatric dogs to have some health issues that can make grooming more of a challenge.  Back and hip problems can make it difficult for the dog to stand for the groom.  Special care is necessary when grooming a senior dog to avoid unnecessary stress.

To avoid any complications, it’s important you tell us about your dog’s special needs so we can plan accordingly.  Elderly dogs should be in and out of the salon as quickly as possible for their comfort and safety.

There are many things we can ease the stress of grooms.

Experienced Groomers
Older dogs who have skin growths, trouble standing, incontinence  issues or crankiness about the grooming process will be handled by our experienced staff with patience and a gentle touch.  It takes a lot of skill to handle an older dog and make it a pleasurable experience.

To Ensure Your Dog’s Comfort
Let us know of your dog’s medical needs and any medication he/she is currently taking.  If your dog has any sort of tracheal issues, please let us know so we can harness your pup instead using a grooming loop around their neck/throat area. If your dog is skittish or unnerved by loud noises, let us know so we can use alternative ways to dry rather than use a force dryer. Elderly dogs like this will be first towel dried and then fluff dried.

We Make Sure Grooms are Quick
Appropriate scheduling is of the utmost importance.  Elderly dogs should be in and out of the grooming salon as quickly as possible.  As the owner, you should be ready to pick up your dog as soon as we call.  Most importantly, please be patient with us – we strive to do our very best to keep your dog clean and comfortable.  Please also keep in mind if you’re unable to brush your senior friend, the most humane thing is to keep him in a short cut for easy maintenance.

All dogs deserve to feel clean and beautiful. Together we will work with you to ensure your dog is happy and comfortable in every way.