Professional Dog Grooming


To make the grooming process more relaxed and enjoyable for your dog, it's important to get them into a groomer as soon as possible.  It is usually the best to bring your puppy into the groomers for the first time when they are around 12 weeks old.  Bringing your puppy in as soon as possible allows them to adapt to the grooming process early and learn to enjoy it and not be fearful.  During the very first grooming appointment for your puppy, the main objective is to get your puppy use to the setting, being handled, being on the table and in the bath, and used to the noises of the clippers and the dryer.  The first appointment will be kept short as to not stress your puppy out.  

It's important to understand that during the first few appointments for a puppy, they are still getting used to the process and some grooming procedures may not be carried out until they feel comfortable.  At Clips 'n Wiggles Dog Grooming, safety is our first concern for any dog, and will not risk injury to a puppy if they cannot sit still enough to carry out certain procedures.

Ask about our puppy program when making your appointment! 

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