Professional Dog Grooming

Clips 'n Wiggles

We will work hand in hand with your veterinarian to devise a plan for your dog to make the grooming process as comfortable and stress-free as possible. 

We do not sedate animals; if a dog needs to be medicated, it would either go to the vet prior to its grooming appointment or the owner would administer the pills at home.  Our staff includes veteran groomers who have the experience, patience, and skill to work with problem dogs.  In most instances making the grooming experience far less traumatic, but there are a few cases where sedation is necessary, for safety of both the groomer and the animal. This does not make the job easier.

Working with a sedated dog on your grooming table can be a challenge. The usual method is to have the dog stand on your table so you can brush and clipper your way around the body, observing pattern lines, blending areas as you work, and seeing how the coat hangs and shapes up as you clip and scissor.  The goal is cleanliness and comfort at this point – not a show cut.

We never say never when it comes to teaching a dog to accept grooming, even one who has been routinely sedated, but it takes lots of time and patience. Some dogs become aggressive out of fear, while others act like schoolyard bullies, but they usually drop the dramatics once they have learned to trust and respect us as their groomer.

Honest communication with the owner is vital, too. Because our time and skill are valuable commodities, owners might need to pay more for your services than those fortunate folks whose dogs are a breeze to groom. We term this fee a “special-handling” charge.